I thought I would start this blog by giving you a brief synopsis of tests completed so far, I laugh because it resembles a medical journal lol.

February – Various blood test carried out by my GP

5th March – Ultra Sound Abdomen performed at Basingstoke

17th March – ERCP with stent insertion at Basingstoke

20th March CT Abdomen performed at Basingstoke

21st March admitted to Basingstoke

24th March Staging CT Chest

25th March USS liver, also discharged from Basingstoke Hospital

20th April Endoscopic Ultrasound and Biopsy Performed at Winchester

7th May Endoscopic Ultrasound and Biopsy Performed at Southampton

As you can imagine I was also taking a lot of medication for one thing or another.  I’m sure I rattled. I was also as yellow as a canary, in fact my granddaughter said to me “Nanna why have you got orange eyes?” I replied I have an upset tummy and she replied “I think mine are too as I have a tummy ache” this made me laugh so much.

I was told that a mass in my pancreas was cancer and that I would need chemotherapy to reduce the size before it could be operated on. Also if it did not shrink then there was nothing that could be done. Being told this did not concern me at all because I knew I was not about to carry this baggage around with me, it had to go.

I remember doing my ironing and suddenly it hit me like a brick wall I’m having chemo. ” I have Cancer”. I started to get upset and decided I would call my sister, she said “What’s wrong?” I said “I’m upset because I’m crying and I have no tears”? We both started laughing, blip was over. (when I became ill my eyes would not water and still don’t )

Three endoscopys have not given a conclusive answer to the mass, and between being diagnosed and now they cannot be sure that it is a cancer despite all the tests, so I am being referred to London University Hospital for another endoscopy.  I’m happy with this as I don’t want chemo if it is not needed.  I must admit I have amazed myself with my positive thoughts all the way through this.

In my next blog I will tell you about some of the alternative therapies and products I have taken to assist me in my progress.

PS I have a wonderful family and friends who have supported me all through this and still are I love you all loads.

Until next time

Big Rainbow Hugs to you all



Early days of my illness, not feeling very good at the time.