IMG_5868I’ve been on some incredible journeys over the years with my 3 sisters, family and friends, some of which have been challenging to say the least. They have been positive, spiritual and great fun along the way.

2015 to me was going to be no exception and started off well until I became unwell.

I’m a very positive person and this journey so far has given me great courage and strength and I would like to share my story with you all in my weekly blog, to give other people the strength and courage to be positive and carry on regardless¬†of what life throws at them.

For a few year’s I’ve had the odd niggle of pain like we all do but ignored it and soldiered on, but then I realised this was not the case. I needed to get it checked. I started to want to nap between my job as a driver taking special needs children to school and back. I got constantly tired and lethargic. On the journeys I started getting the feeling that I wanted to be sick and got the pain and back ache that became more frequent.

In January it was time to do something about it. This is how my story unfolded and became a reality. I’ve had many tests done, which I will tell you about as we go along the way.

Until next time.

Big Rainbow Hugs to you all,