IMG_8336 (1)Wanted to share my good news with you! This week was my 7th chemotherapy treatment and also a day I heard some fantastic news! Results are showing that things are shrinking, reducing in size. I am on a high as you can imagine. It has been the most brilliant boost. I am not writing much these days but I do share things. This month is Pancreatic Cancer awareness month so I try and share links because it’s important that people become more aware. I also wanted to say if you have family and friends having treatment don’t forget the simple things that really help. Taking a homemade meal. Soups. Smoothies. Things can taste a bit funny during treatment and that lovely cup of tea you normally enjoy doesn’t taste quite the same on some days. So I have been trying different cordials or flavoured water. It’s a lovely thing to take to someone when you visit. Ironing, the housework and shopping can all get a bit much at times. It’s a bit like a seesaw, some days you have the energy and others it’s just not possible to do. You learn to pace yourself.



Once again my grateful thanks for all the messages, healing and prayers.

Big Rainbow Hugs to you all  Zena