Decided to do an update in photos for March, April and May.
First of all a big thank you to everyone.

March: As most of you know I have been having treatment for pancreatic cancer and having chemotherapy since September 2015 . I have  a lot to say but how do you put everything in a few sentences!

If you know me, you know I have a positive outlook and it keeps me going.
It gets tough sometimes during the treatment, you get tired and levels drop low.
My latest scan results say: all is being held at a static level ( nothing has got any bigger) and my liver tumours have gone, good good news!
Your mind …yes …that’s a big one!  You can let it run away in all sorts of directions or you can decide to fight and focus, another motto of mine!
I read, listen to videos and try and keep up with all the information that comes my way.
I have made changes and adjustments.   I am still me …I care…I love… I smile and I laugh.  Laughter is such a tonic. A recent group message with my nephew and sisters had us all crying with laughter.

So here goes.


This photo was taken in March at the airport and getting ready to land  in Gibraltar. I confess I wasn’t on top form but I got to Spain!

April: I had chemotherapy on the Tuesday and on the Thursday of that week I decided to take Lin and Aileen on a magical mystery tour. I drove them in my little car.
Roof down, wind blowing away the cobwebs.
Hats were the order of the day ! Visiting childhood places and much laughter!

May: Chemotherapy on  Wednesday this week because of the bank holiday. Yesterday,  a lovely sunny day. Perfect for the christening I went to.

Sending Rainbow Hugs to you all Love Zena