I received some Reiki healing for what I thought mental health issues after a major operation and life change. Zena pointed out an area across the right side of my face and neck and told me that there was a lot more healing to come. In 2008 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, attached to my hearing nerve in the right side of my head. Only operating would save my life. Moral of the story is to listen. Not just to word, but signals that the universe is giving you. And I learnt that through Zena. I am still learning to listen.


Excellent, I really enjoyed the day it reminded me that i should meditate more often and use my healing, you did very well you work really well with your sisters and I look forward to the next one xx”

“I had a great day – really enjoyed it, amazing experience! Thank you to all of you it was a fantastic workshop xxx”

“A great day, everyone made to feel welcome and you and your sisters made it all very special. The people who came were all at different levels in their journey, I have just started and look forward to what comes next!!”

“I had a lovely day, thank you all so much, it was just what i needed. The energy was very supportive and loving and considering we were a large group the dynamics were good. I think you have a very unique way of presenting between the four of you. So amazing to have 4 sisters all so tuned in and harmonious. A fab day. Zena I also love the idea of a circle please let me know when!”

Thanks loads for Saturday, it was a great day. Your family is beautiful. Would love to take part in your circle!

“Thank you and your sisters so very much for a wonderful day. I had no idea what to expect and was completely bowled over (in a good way) with all my experiences.”

“Zena, Pippa, Aileen, and Linda you are all special what can I say – an inspirational day – your message worked for me – and it made me feel great I’m in control of my space I love it”

“You are all inspirational in so many ways and I feel privileged to have met you and to have you all as my friends”

“Great day thank you all so much. You four sisters are quite a force.”

“Thank you so very much for a really wonderful day, you are a formidable four, solid as a rock, what a lovely gift and even better that you want to share it.”






Thank you Zena for an amazing reading. It touched my core and allowed me to really look within to find the answers I needed to move forward in my soul evolution. Many blessings

Zena did the most amazing reading for me on a painting that I recently did.It was very informative and clarified so many things for me. I’m also very intrigued to see the unfolding of several insights that she gave me. Thank you once again.

Dear Zena thank you so much for my reading from my photo I sent you. As I was reading what you wrote it was like I was telling you about myself. Words were comforting whilst very uplifting helping me in things and ways to look and feel for signs. I smiled rather a lot as I was reading, because you were spot on with so much. Keep on using your valuable gift, as you are an inspiration and have given me confidence and belief in how to go on with my life. I can’t thank you enough.

Dear Zena thank you for my reading,  a wealth of information and the reading pin pointed so many relevant factors in my life.

Dear Zena I would just like to say thank you very much for my  reading. It was very enlightening, so many things you told me were correct. A beautiful reading once again thank you.

So pleased with my reading Zena.  Lots to take in and I keep re-reading it! I am amazed at what you picked up, you gave me so much to think about. A very helpful and positive reading.

Wow! Oh my goodness!! Thank you for taking the time to look at the pictures and to share what you got from them. So very interesting and helpful!  Your words have been a wonderful validation of things that I have become aware of in my life and serve as more encouragement to follow this path – so thank you for that!!

Hi Zena
Thank you again for this great gift! Today I worked as trainer in a (family)constellation workshop and my experience there fits very well with your reading. There was a huge connection with my intuition and I felt a strong powerful energy guiding my workshop. Sending my most beautiful rainbow directly to your heart.

I sent Zena a photo that was very dear to me of 2 very special people in my life. Without saying anything about it Zena gave me a reading that took me to the foundations of the photo and the core of me. Zena, to my surprise and relief, mentioned a number of things that I had been thinking, feeling or not listening to (trying to ignore). From that reading I felt I had validation on certain areas that before I had tried to dismiss as “morbidly realistic” or just “a negative outlook”, when actually what I was thinking and feeling was exactly how I should look at life and by suppressing it (pretending to be “normal”) I was actually making myself VERY unhappy

I am so very grateful to receive your reading
I can’t stop reading it and don’t feel the need to share it yet but maybe soon.
I will share with you that I do feel a strong connection with the sacred animals you see.
I also have been thinking that Italy will be the next country in Europe that I will visit. I just got back from a fun trip to Paris and Spain. I am a very emotional person and really feel your reading is inspiring.
The Mother energy was also something mentioned in my astrology reading last month.
Your gift is very powerful it is truly a blessing.  Much love,  Forever grateful




 Hi Zena, had the most amazing experience the oils used made me feel so relaxed will definitely be back.

Zena thank you for the massage so very relaxing, I also know I received some healing from you as well, you answered all my questions and I loved the back ground music and your work room is special thank you again, can’t wait for my next one .