Welcome all life lessons. See the opportunities in every challenge rather than give up.

photo1-e1431357538556hi, I’m Zena…


I work with several healing modalities one of which is Picture Readings, I write about what I can see, hear and pick up intuitively, my readings are personal, helpful and work on many levels.

Reiki which is a wonderful hands on healing technique for stress reduction, healing and relaxation. Reiki (ray-key) is Japanese for “universal life energy” when this energy flows it can also help the body emotionally and spiritually.

Massage which is also relaxing, stress relieving and promotes feeling of well-being.


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Another Journey continued

I thought I would start this blog by giving you a brief synopsis of tests completed so far, I laugh because it resembles a medical journal lol. February – Various blood test carried out by my GP 5th March – Ultra Sound Abdomen performed at Basingstoke 17th... read more

Another journey

I’ve been on some incredible journeys over the years with my 3 sisters, family and friends, some of which have been challenging to say the least. They have been positive, spiritual and great fun along the way. 2015 to me was going to be no exception and started... read more