My Latest update in Photos

Decided to do an update in photos for March, April and May. First of all a big thank you to everyone. March: As most of you know I have been having treatment for pancreatic cancer and having chemotherapy since September 2015 . I have  a lot to say but how do you put... read more

2016 Begins – A Little Update of My Journey

Thank you for all your messages and support. Love the funny things you send that make me laugh, you keep my spirits high. My chemotherapy treatment is ongoing and I completed the first three month course recently. I am now on my next cycle and had my second treatment... read more

An update on My Journey

Wanted to share my good news with you! This week was my 7th chemotherapy treatment and also a day I heard some fantastic news! Results are showing that things are shrinking, reducing in size. I am on a high as you can imagine. It has been the most brilliant boost. I... read more

An update on My Journey

On the 10th August I had surgery to enable the surgeon to get biopsies and this coming week I will see the oncologist for the way forward. As an added bonus I got a chest infection whilst in hospital so all in all felt like I had been hit by a bus. Since the surgery I... read more

Another Journey continued Part 7

  After my meeting last week with my surgeon at Southampton I am now waiting for a date for  surgery  (between 2 to 4 weeks). Meanwhile today I have heard from Basingstoke that I will be having my stent changed next week, so a trip to the hospital this Wednesday... read more

Another Journey continued Part 6

  After my full scan at Basingstoke earlier this month the results have now been compared with my previous one of 3 months ago. They are saying there is very little change, they need to do something regarding my pancreas sooner rather than later. They are not... read more

Another Journey continued – Part 5

After my endoscopy in London which took its toll on me, I was in quite a lot of pain for several days. Yesterday I went to Basingstoke Hospital to receive the results. They told me I have no cancer cells, but obviously I still have inflammation and the mass in my... read more

Another Journey continued Part 4

  As I said in my last blog I have been waiting to go to London for my fourth endoscopy, well on Wednesday afternoon I had a call from Basingstoke Hospital to say “Can you go tomorrow for an appointment at 11 o’clock at University College... read more


I’ve called this blog laughter because I have had the most amazing weekend spent with my cousin Eileen her husband Roger, sister Aileen and friends Dinka and Marlindy from Arnhem in Holland. The week end started with a constellation workshop on Friday... read more

Another Journey continued Part 3

  I’ve had some challenging times over the last four months and as well as conventional medicine …I have adjusted my diet, and I use more herbs in cooking. I am trying to eat foods that have an anti inflammatory effect and anything that helps boost my... read more