As I said in my last blog I have been waiting to go to London for my fourth endoscopy, well on Wednesday afternoon I had a call from Basingstoke Hospital to say “Can you go tomorrow for an appointment at 11 o’clock at University College London?”, obviously I said yes.
So my endoscopy partner (Aileen, my sister) and I decided we would go on the train as no parking at the hospital. We went from Hook to Waterloo and then by tube to Euston, from there we had a 6/7 minute walk which was nice in the sunshine.

As hospitals go it was a nice place and very busy. Eventually I was seen and the admission paperwork was done, then to another room to have a cannula  put into my arm, and more waiting. We decided to do some people watching out the window, that was a laugh in itself.

Eventually a doctor came in and did my consent form and went through a few things. More waiting and by this time Aileen’s mobile was getting pretty low with all the texting so she decided to plug hers in where all the machines were plugged into.  This made us laugh again. (Hope she doesn’t muck anything up came to our minds)

Time to go in but they could not find my admission form we started laughing as they were all running around like headless chickens looking, reminded us of the Carry On films and you guessed it – they did not find it as it had vanished so another one was quickly filled out as they were waiting for me in the theatre.

Aileen went off to amuse herself I went in.

After the procedure I was put in the recovery room and then offered a cup of tea and biscuits I jumped at that as I had not had anything since 7 o’clock the previous night. Aileen was allowed back in and after having more tea and water and pain killers through a drip and time for my blood pressure to return to normal I was allowed to go home.

The journey home was good, no waiting, tubes trains everything went like clockwork. Friday I had a day in bed as had a lot of pain, today it has eased.

Hopefully early next week the results will be back and they will know what is going on.

Until then

Big Rainbow Hugs to you all