FullSizeRenderI’ve had some challenging times over the last four months and as well as conventional medicine …I have adjusted my diet, and I use more herbs in cooking.
I am trying to eat foods that have an anti inflammatory effect and anything that helps boost my immune system . Juicing, spirulina and pHresh greens. (Thanks to Linda and Polly for my endless supply of juices).
In the middle of all the things that were going on I got an abscess (dental problems) and had to have antibiotics! You know that saying “it never rains but it pours” !!!!!!
A rainbow always appears though … as you know I love rainbows!!!
I was scheduled for chemotherapy and this was delayed as I had to have a couple of tooth extractions . I knew I needed to try and keep a balance, good levels of flora after antibiotics and took probiotics. In my research I found that an oncologist in London, Professor Justin Stebbing recommends probiotics when you are having chemotherapy.
As you know I haven’t started chemotherapy . I am due to have another endoscopy in London as more tests are needed now. Although I have been told the mass is cancerous todate this has not been verified by the biopsies.
My niece Emma bought me Kefir after seeing it on a program and that has been really helpful for me and my digestive system. Kefir is a live culture and will permanently re-populate your gut with the good bacteria you need to digest your food properly, and heal your body. The good bacteria will go in and get rid of the bad bacteria that may have gotten out of control. I had a three-week course of Kefir and I have to admit I felt so much better, I have copied this from their leaflet which you can check out below I am just putting things that I feel have helped me. I just love the name of where it came from Chuckling Goat, makes me laugh every time I think of it.  I’m about to order some more, (they also do bath soap face cream and lovely bath cube) you can read more about it here
I have had complementary therapies, being a Reiki practitioner myself and the benefits one can get from it I managed to find a therapist called Lizzie Carver who works in Odiham – just up the road from me and I love going to her once a week for a treatment.

I also take Floradix every day which is a liquid iron and vitamin formula

Another gift to me from Polly was Graze which has things like super berries, black pepper cashews, honeycomb crunch with almonds and raisins, summer berry flapjacks and probean check out the link

I was prescribed Creon which I need to take daily because of the mass in my pancreas. I started off on one dose which then got increased, which caused me a lot of pain and other problems (severe constipation being one of them). I then had to take other medication to sort out the problems caused by the Creon. I found it quite daunting that not a lot of advice was given regarding the Creon so I started to research it myself and learnt that it was not needed for some foods. I had to experiment with how to use Creon, and I don’t expect that any one person’s experience is completely the same.  I altered the dose to what I thought was right for my body and the foods I ate. This turned out to be a blessing as it sorted my problems out and meant I was down to taking only one medication the Creon (plus the occasional pain killer when I needed it). Creon digests protein and carbohydrates as well as fat, so you have to think about a reasonable mix of food. I have to take the Creon as my pancreas, which normally supplies the digestive enzymes and provides large amounts of fluid to help the digestion is not working. (If you want to read more about creon in search engine key in bucks healthcare creon).

Apart from doing all of the above I feel better, stronger and even if I say so myself I look so much better. I’ve also had an amazing two weeks just gone with family who I love dearly and who are supporting me all the way on this journey thank you all

Until next time

Big Rainbow Hugs to you all




I received this special gift of a Mi’kmaq hand painted drum made and painted by Melissa Labrador this is a story in itself and I will tell you about it at a later date.