In 2007 I  visited a place in Spain called Casa Convento in  Castellar.  I became aware that day that  I could see coloured orbs not just with a camera but with the naked eye. Seeing the orbs in pictures  started a passion in me and I took photographs that were wide and varied. Sometimes I was influenced by colours, some because of shapes and patterns and others because of interesting rays, light phenomenon, rainbows, halos, the list was endless and my understanding grew.

I tend to go with what I feel, my own intuition. It has been a fascinating time and I realised that there is so much more going on in front of our eyes and on so many levels

I have attended workshops, given workshops, qualified in Massage and Reiki and do Picture readings

I have been on some amazing  journeys,  travelling through France and on parts of the pilgrims walk…the way of St.  James, The Pyrenees, Biarritz, Burgos, Avila, Tornavacas, Plasencia, Salamanca,  Capileira, Alpujarra, Lanjaron, Granada, Fatima Portugal, Cyprus, Seville, Ypres, Australia, Wisconsin USA and Canada.  I know I have many more exciting things to see and do, not only for  myself but to share with others.  I will continue to do so with love,  laughter and fun from the heart.