IMG_8650Thank you for all your messages and support.
Love the funny things you send that make me laugh, you keep my spirits high.
My chemotherapy treatment is ongoing and I completed the first three month course recently.
I am now on my next cycle and had my second treatment on Tuesday.
My lovely Drs tell me I am doing very well.
Results can go up and down so I take each day as it comes.
Simple pleasures have a different meaning when you are going through certain treatments.
At times you can’t do the things you want to do,  so its  a huge treat  when you can !
Simple walks, a trip out.
Laughter is a tonic !!!
This photo was taken last week at the garden centre whilst doing a little retail  therapy. Coffee and cake were also the order of the day.
My hat band has come in handy with all the cold weather!

Big Rainbow Hugs to you all Zena x